Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre sees a range of patients and clients with musculo/skeletal problems, children with congenital problems such club foot and cerebral palsy, as well as adults with neurological diagnoses such as stroke. Patients who have suffered trauma such as burns or a motor vehicle accident are also part of the team’s caseload.


RCRC is a small organisation which is benefitting from the assistance provided by a number of volunteers. We are working hard to build the capacity of our Khmer staff – both clinical and project staff – so that they will manage the organisation themselves in the future, without foreign assistance. It is counter to our aims to have foreign volunteers here carrying out the work that can be done by the Cambodians themselves.

Would you like to make a donation?

Click here and find out how. We appreciate every contribution, no matter how small!

If you were to donate $50 (US) this would help 10-12 families to pay for transport from their village to come for treatment here at RCRC.  We subsidize such transport, as even the cost of hiring a tuk-tuk to bring their family member to our clinic is often too much for them.

If you donated $100 (US) you would be helping us to design, develop, print and distribute picture-based posters in which aim to inform non-literate villagers about physiotherapy and the fact that we can provide help to improve a number of physical conditions.