“Disability is talked about as being a result of the views and attitudes of society, and the barriers put up by society, rather than someone ‘being disabled’ It is the society people are in that disables them. That’s the biggest hurdle we need to tackle.  By changing attitudes of those around people who have a physical/mental  impairment, we can reduce their disability. Vocations, art, dance, fulfilling activities… all important in the process.” .. Joanna Thomson. Founder Rose Rehabilitation Cambodia

Who can define ‘disability’.  All we can compare with is a general ‘norm’.  But  this too is inaccurate.  Were Mozart, Einstein or Marie Curie then disabled ?   In some way or other we all have aspects away from the norm. We are all thus, in some way or other ‘disabled’

Definitions then are of little use. What is important is quality, enjoyment and sense of fulfillment of life. While physical abilities are very much part of this, they are not the only factors. Inability to move in the same way as the majority does not necessarily define happiness. A healthy child for example, starved mentally and emotionally is in a far worse condition than those one loved, educated and cherished albeit with one with dysfunctional limb movement.

We see assistance for ‘disability’ as being far more than physical, medical or surgical treatment. Rose Rehabilitation Cambodia has the ultimate goal of assisting disabled children and adults in all areas. These include education, community activities (arts, sports etc), vocational training and income generation.