surgeryRose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre works in partnership with Rose Charities and the Cambodian Government’s Ministry of Health.

Rose Charities International

Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre is a project of Rose Charities and adheres to the Rose Charities Mission statement.

Rose Charities Mission Statement

Through innovative, self-sustaining projects and partnerships, Rose Charities supports communities to improve quality of life. We do this within a framework of volunteerism that places emphasis on results. By linking people and working together we all benefit. The Rose Charities international network of independent organizations are not-for-profit, secular and non-political.

Working With the Cambodian Government’s Ministry of Health

Rose Cambodia Rehabilitation Centre (RCRC) is approved and embraced by the local government hospital, Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital. Hospital management are encouraging the development of rehabilitation services within the area and they are very grateful to have RCRC on the hospital site providing services.

Local hospital staff are provided with training within our non-government organisation on site, strengthening local public health service delivery and capacity and working towards sustainability. The Ministry of Health has only recently prioritised health care for those with disabilities. Previously most services were provided solely by NGOs. By coordinating government health services with ours, we are moving closer to achieving long-term improvements in health and rehabilitation for Cambodians.

Other Key Partners:


Cambodian Physical Therapy Association (CPTA)

RCRC is actively involved in the work of the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association to increase knowledge among members of the profession.  We are involved with CPTA in a number of ways, one of which is the regular secretarial and administrative support provided by one of our RCRC team members. Our physiotherapists are all members of the CPTA; and RCRC contributes to the professional development sessions that CPTA organises several times a year.